Inspiring Latina: Shoe Designer Alejandra G

Her shoes are must-haves for celebrities like Tyra Banks, Roselyn Sanchez, Paula Abdul, Giuliana Rancic, Carmen Electra, Kimora Simmons, Carly Rae Jepsen, Audrina Patridge and Tamera Mowry. 

Alejandra G shoes are a combination of classical style meets rocker chic. Her bold and daring personality is reflected through her shoe collection. One thing that is very admirable about Alejandra G is that she always remains true to who she is. “I think that people always try to change you or your vision. I was told to change things about my company, but I never budged. I stayed true to the vision God gave me because I know he would never have given me this dream I am chasing if it was not possible. It is ok to take advice, but do not allow yourself to be changed or molded into someone else's vision of what you should be. Always be you.”

Launching her very own label in 2011, Alejandra G offers a bold and daring shoe collection that is changing the game. “I want to motivate other woman to chase their dreams. We all start out with just a dream, but some women don’t think that they can accomplish their dreams because they think it will be too difficult and they are scared of failure. It really helps to get motivated when there are other women who inspire you and whom you can relate to that accomplished their dreams. I am just a regular girl who chased her dreams. All it takes is just to believe in YOU!” 

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