Inspiring Latina: Shoe Designer Alejandra G

Inspiring Latina Alejandra G Talks Shoe Designing, Latina Roots, and More

Alejandra G, a Los Angeles native and former TV producer turned shoe designer, has fascinated the world with her brilliant mix of textures, colors and drop-dead glamour. This young Latina has brought her shoe collection to life with hard work and genuine passion. 

The road to success wasn’t always so clear for Alejandra G. Before setting out on her travels and reaching her goal of becoming a well-known shoe designer, Alejandra had quite a few jobs. She explored being a kindergarten teacher, a real estate agent, a music artist signed to The Underdogs/J Records and she also tapped into the world of television production for shows that aired on networks such as BET and Telemundo. After trying a little bit of everything one thing remained true, her LOVE for fashion. “I always believed that shoes were the heart and sole to every woman’s outfit.” 

Inspired by her papi’s strong work ethic Alejandra G set out to travel the globe and master the art of shoe design. Understanding at a young age that having a mentor was important, Alejandra G’s mentor shoe enthusiast, Ouaknine encouraged her to develop sketches that were breathtaking, bold & brilliant. She attended one of the top design schools in the world, Ars Sutoria in Milan, Italy. She graduated top of her class, which has ultimately led her to become an established shoe designer. 

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