Inspiring Latina: Social Media Expert And Entrepreneur Lala Castro

Inspiring Latina: Social Media Expert Lala Castro

Lala Castro has many titles to her name: visionary, entrepreneur, and social media expert. But, the one she wears most proudly? Geek. 

Castro is the co-founder of #LatinaGeeks and the founder of Latina Geeks' mission focuses on empowering and inspiring Latina women by spreading the knowledge of entrepreneurship and social media and changing the perception that women are intimidated by technology. eLaLa is a social community network that embraces online media and acts as the umbrella company for a few highly-trafficked social community websites.

However, before she fell in love with empowering people through technology, she created and operated a successful online jewelry boutique that catered to fashionistas by offering the latest celebrity and designer inspired custom jewelry. Her e-commerce company caught the attention of several media outlets, which led to a collaboration with Warner Bros. as a promotional partner for the movie Red Riding Hood. 

"In my line of work, you have no choice but to always keep reinventing yourself," she said. "In my industry, if you're not open to change and creative innovation, then you don't exist. Plus, being able to reinvent myself is the best part of what I love to do, both personally and in business. Life is too short to keep doing the same thing over and over. It's an opportunity to push yourself to the limit and beyond that, to grow, to learn and to accomplish experiences in your life that you only dreamed of doing."

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