Inspiring Latina: Chef and Entrepreneur Tati Polo

Inspiring Latina: Chef and Entrepreneur Tati Polo

Polo's career change paid off. These days, she can be seen on Univision, where she hosts a segment entitled "Los Homes No Lloran, Pero Cocinar" (In English: Men Don't cry, But They cook) every morning on Despierta AmericaShe explores dishes from around the world, and adds her unique flavor and personal cooking tricks. 

In addition to hosting her TV segment, Polo operates her own company, Forkplate, which offers catering, event planning, classes and much more. She prides herself on being a leader in the industry, and loves sharing her expertise with thousands of loyal followers on her social media platforms.

So, what keeps a busy, successful woman like Tati Polo motivated? "My dreams and my goals are so real," she said. "My family, my partner, and people that I have yet to meet on my path are what keep me focused and centered. My motivation is felt; it is an internal search and constant energy that tells me there are big dreams and successful moments waiting for me. Many call it the sixth sense, I call it our inner voice."

She is truly an inspiring Latina! To learn more about Tati Polo, visit her official Facebook page

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