Inspiring Latina: Chef and Entrepreneur Ellen Bennett

Inspiring Latina: Chef and Entrepreneur Ellen Bennett

Known as the crazy-haired, high-spirited, adventurous girl that was born in Los Angeles to a Mexican mother and English father, Ellen Bennett is a Latina that knows all about going after exactly what you love. She grew up speaking both English and Spanish, and, at the tender age of 19, she packed her bags and moved to Mexico to pursue cooking. Her love of food is undeniable.

She paid her through cooking school -- hustling as a model and announcing the Mexican Lottery. She also hosted a Mexican sports channel show about American football. "I am such a hard worker, that I definitely believe that my persistent nature comes from my Latin upbringing of making things happen no matter what obstacles stand in the way," she said. "That's how my Mexican mother was, how she still is, and that's how she raised me!" 

After living in Mexico for four years, she sold everything she owned and used the money to travel the world. Her curiousity drove her to new sights. She climbed Mt. Fuji, spent weeks in Athens, walked the streets of South America, and took the train across Italy. She then returned home to Los Angeles -- all before she even turned 23-years-old. 

She knew in her heart she wanted to be a chef, and she landed her first job at the Providence Restaurant in Los Angeles, a highly rated establishment with two Michelin Stars. 

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