How To: Wear An Elegant Ponytail Like Nicole Richie

Ponytails aren't just for the gym or washing your face. In this gorgeous evening look, Nicole Richie proves how dressy a ponytail can be as she wears it with a sumptuous golden evening gown fit for a goddess.

The good news is, creating this look isn't complicated either. But it does take some prep work. Here are the steps:

Apply a quarter-sized dollop of heat protective serum for shine and manageability from root to ends of your hair.

Blowdry your hair straight in sections with either a paddle brush or a large round brush with tight bristles to really grab each strand.

Sweep your bangs to the side.

Tease the section of hair underneath your crown for volume. Smooth the hair on your crown over the bump.

Secure your ponytail with a non-metal elastic. Take a piece from your ponytail and wrap it around the holder, making sure that it covers it completely.

Curl the ends of your ponytail with a big barrel curling iron so the ends are neat and uniform.

Spray liberally with an aerosol hairspray, paying special attention to your bangs so they don't budge during the night.

Serena Kim