See Homeless and Poor Pregnant Teens Pose Shame-Free

Keri Vaca

Maternity photographer Keri Vaca is helping to destigmatize teen pregnancy by taking portraits of homeless young mothers-to-be, free of charge.

Vaca has been volunteering her Small Miracles Photography services to San Francisco’s Homeless Prenatal Program (HPP), a nonprofit center for impoverished women, for the last 7 years.

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While Vaca, 45, photographs mothers of all ages through HPP, she doesn’t shy away from capturing those special moments for one of the most shamed mothers in the country: teenagers.

“My mom was a high school senior when she was pregnant with me. She was not homeless, but it is not like everyone was jumping for joy,” Vaca told Latina.  “She has two photos from her pregnancy. … It is not something most people feel should be celebrated."

Keri Vaca