What This Samba Dancer Really Eats For THAT Body + Win a Trip to Brazil!

SushiSamba Dancer

The World Cup is still going strong and here at Latina, we're slightly obsessed with finding the best places to partake in all the action, while enjoying delicioso apps and drinks. SUSHISAMBA is offering special Brazilian light bites and refreshing Caipirinhas, in addition to super sexy samba performances and giveaways (keep reading for a chance to win a trip to Brazil below!), so clearly we had to stop by. While most were watching the games, we couldn't stop staring at one of the dancers—Samba Novo's Diana Sobrino. We would consider Samba'ing every day to get a body like hers, but we'll settle for stealing her diet and fitness tips.

What's your #1 secret to maintaining your curves?    

I recommend eating every three hours to keep your metabolism moving and to prevent overeating. 

What do you eat when performing?

It depends on my what I'm in the mood for, but I usually wait to eat until after the show. Sushi is always a great choice! 

What else do you do to keep in great shape? 

If I'm not working out at the gym, I enjoy running outside and stretching, but dancing is the ultimate workout and my favorite form of fitness. It just so happens that doing what I love also keeps me in shape.

Do you ever snack on-the-go? 

I'm constantly snacking; the more I exercise, the more I eat. My go-to snacks are bananas, protein bars, and yogurt. 

What's your guilty pleasure food wise? 

I have a weakness for dessert. At SUSHISAMBA, the Red Chocolate Chili Peppers with Peruvian chili mousse, red pepper tuile, raspberry-red pepper sorbet, chocolate crumble is amazing. When I am trying to be healthy, but I need something sweet, I usually have fresh fruit.

What do you cut out when you're trying to lose weight?

It takes a lot of dedication, but I cut carbohydrates. I also eat less at night and avoid too much snacking, especially on chocolate. Instead I'll eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, and proteins.

How do you keep your energy up when performing?

The guests always give us great energy, which makes dancing with Samba Novo so great!

Are you a fan of any workout classes in particular?

Zumba—it's amazing if you want to lose weight and get toned!

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