8 Weird Nicknames For Your Vagina

Vaginas are awesome. Let's be serious: life on this earth would not exist as know it if not for the vagina. So, ladies, why do we insist on calling it a vajayjay

Own it. Respect it.  And don't call it one of these 8 ridiculous names: 

1. Love Taco

Um, ew? Let's get this straight: the word taco should only ever be used to describe the delicious Mexican food item. 

2. Ham Wallet

Let’s just cut it out with the food references, yeah? 

3. Hoo-Hoo

Does anyone want their vagina referred to as something that could easily be misconstrued as a Little Debbie snack cake? 

4. Vajayjay

This term was originally coined on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but Oprah popularized the ridiculous name. (One vajayjay for you! One vajayjay for you! Vajayjays for everyone!)

5. Cooch

It sounds like a bizarre mash-up of the words “couch” and “conch.” Either way -- it’s unappealing.

6. Beaver

This term apparently originated in the 17th century when prostitutes would wear hair pieces on their vaginas made of beaver hide. A more vulgar explanation is because they both "eat wood."

7. Bearded Clam

Yes, some people would really rather call a vagina a “bearded clam” than call it a vagina.

8. Snatch

This one doesn’t bother me too much, only because draws to mind a movie of the same name, starring hotties Brad Pitt and Benicio Del Toro.