10 Ways to Substitute Salt


6. Bouquet garni. There are two versions that I recommend for this marvelous aroma-filled herb. Combine various herbs, by tying them together with thread, and add them to a recipe:

- Parsley, thyme, bay leaves, for sauces and stews

- Cilantro, coriander and celery for stews and soups

7. Sunflower seeds. A healthy and crunchy alternative. Sunflower seeds add flavor to salads without adding excess salt or dressings high in sodium.

8. Take a walk on the wild side and try Miso. Miso means “fountain of flavor” and it’s also known as fermented soy paste.  This delicious condiment brings the essence of Japanese cooking to your kitchen. Miso can be used as a salt substitute or soy sauce substitute in almost every dish and dressing. It’s one of my favorites to use as a condiment in fish and seafood-based soups.

9. Low-sodium soy sauce. Besides giving your food an oriental touch, low-sodium soy sauce has shown to reduce the levels of sodium by one third while preparing your meals, but at the same time satisfying the craving for salt.

10. Raisins and dried cranberries. It’s true that these two fruits are naturally sweet however when they are dried they create small sodium crystals that add flavor to salads; also try them in sauces, marinades, and rice. You will love them!

Remember to always marinate your meals for at least 30 minutes prior to cooking.  Also, use the grill or griddle when cooking meats and fishes

Use these ingredients and techniques when preparing your favorite dishes, keeping your heart and the hearts of your family healthy.

Learn more about limiting sodium here.  The reduction of sodium reduces the risk of heart disease.  Heart disease does not discriminate, it is the number one killer of women and it’s killing our mothers, daughters, sisters and friends.

Learn more about heart disease prevention and healthy living tips by joining the Go Red For Women movement.  Wear RED during American Heart Month in February.  Visit GoRedForWomen.org or GoRedCorazon.org.

Chef Hamlet Garcia is a volunteer national spokesperson for the American Heart Association’s Go Red Por Tu Corazón movement. 

Chef Hamlet García | Instagram y Twitter: @chefhamletg

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