6 Reasons You Must Lose Weight Before Getting Pregnant

We hate to say it over and over again, but the obesity epidemic is no joke.

Although it’s affecting the Latino community in various ways, including our kids being more likely to be overweight than others, one of the worst issues is that when an overweight or obese women gets pregnant she is risking her lives and the life of her unborn child. We don’t want to scare you but we do want to make you aware of the risks and how to avoid them.

We know you just want to have a healthy, happy baby. Here’s why it's essential to drop some pounds before getting pregnant. 

1. 1. Losing Weight Can Change Your Baby’s Genes

A surprising new study recently found that women who have weight loss surgery before getting pregnant with their second child actually had healthier babies afterward. The post-weight loss babies actually had genes that made them less likely to become obese or have diabetes later on in life, unlike their pre-weight loss siblings.

2. 2. You’ll Be Saving Yourself From Life-Threatening Complications

A lot of complications can happen if you are pregnant or having a baby while overweight or obese. These include life-threatening issues like having a higher risk of blood clots, riskier C-sections and even gestational diabetes or glucose intolerance. 

3. 3. It’s Too Dangerous To Lose Weight During

If you think that you can always be careful and lose weight while pregnant, think again. At the end of the day, your baby needs calories in order to grow. Don’t put him or her (and yourself) at this risk because, although you might lose a few pounds during your morning sickness stages, you’ll actually still be needing to gain while carrying. 

4. 4. Your Baby Will Be Healthier & Less At Risk

We all want a baby to be born healthy, right? Well, being obese has risks to your baby, such as a baby being born at a dangerously low birth weight since premature births are more common and the worst issue of all: the baby following in mommy’s footsteps and becoming an obese adult. 

5. 5. It Makes Exercise (And Weight Loss Later) Easier

Keeping a relatively healthy weight is still important while you’re pregnant, and so is keeping up (or starting) with exercise! Exercising during pregnancy can help reverse some of those risks, like pregnancy-related high blood pressure, and doing it regularly will help you to keep doing it even after you have the baby. 

6. 6. Your Chances of Stillbirth Decrease Dramatically

A new study has revealed that women who are obese or overweight have an increased risk of delivering a stillborn baby, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association. What's even more astounding is that researchers found that even a modest increase in an obese pregnant woman's weight would increase the risk of fetal death, stillbirth and infant death.