The 10 Unhealthiest Ways to Lose Weight

We all want to lose a little weight sometimes and we’re not ashamed to say we may have tried the celeb favorite Master Cleanse once or twice—and hated it. While the combination of fresh maple juice, rich maple syrup and cayenne pepper mixed into our water bottles wasn’t enough to captivate, there are even crazier diets out there.

From the burrito diet (um, uno mas por favor?) to the ice cube diet (say what?!) to the borderline dangerous cigarette diet (please, NO!), these are the 10 unhealthiest ways to lose weight

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Irina Gonzalez,

An NYC-based journalist, web editor, and food writer, she started her career with an internship at Latina magazine while receiving her bachelor’s at New York University. Her work has appeared in Time Out New York,,,,, and more. When she’s not checking out the latest taco restaurant in New York City, scouring for the best tapas in Barcelona, or dreaming of visiting Alex Atala’s restaurant in Brazil, she’s blogging about her favorite recipes, healthy eating tips and maintaining her 100 pound weight loss on You can always find her on Twitter (@msirinagonzalez) & Instagram (@msirinagonzalez) talking about her latest delicious meal.

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