Happy Birthday Juanes! 20 Reasons Why We Love Him

4. He’s an Author Now – And A Pretty Damn Good One

Fans (us too) fell deeper in love with Juanes after he released his memoir titled Chasing the Sun (Persiguiendo el Sol) in both English and Spanish. In the book, the musician shares intimate nuggets about his life and career.

5. His Beautiful, Wonderful, Amazing Instagram

Another reason we adore the musician is how open he is with his fans about his life through Instagram. Follow the musician and you’ll see gorgeous snapshots of his kids and behind-the-scenes photos from his concert gigs – even a photo of a round of shots he recently took when he wrapped up his U.S. tour.

6. He’s All for Peace

Juanes has always expressed a message of love and peace for all. In 2009, he received a lot of criticism for his open-air “Peace Without Borders” concert in Cuba, which was held in Havana’s Revolution Plaza on Sept. 20 that year. The concert drew an incredibly large crowd of Cubans. In an interview with AP Television News, the musician shared his thoughts behind the meaningful concert. “For me, to see more than a million people experiencing happiness, love and peace is incredibly powerful, because what happens in politics is people become divided," he said. “With music we are all the same ... music is for everybody." Can we clone him now?

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