9 Tips for Taking Your Hair From Day-to-Night

Josue Perez is Hollywood’s go-to guy for major hair. Having styled Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Sarah Jessica Parker (#NBD), Josue knows what women want and how to help them get it. There’s nothing worse than making last minute plans with your amigos or your man and realizing you’re rocking an office ‘do. Josue shares the easiest, fastest ways to step up your stands, so they’re ready for a night out on the town.

What can we do if we rock curly hair to work, but want to put it up for a date later?

Having curly hair gives you great texture, so definitely use that to your advantage! You can pull it back into a wild pony tail, make a messy side-braid, or a create a chic chignon. All looks are pretty for any occasion without looking “too over-done.”

What if you have a ponytail crease and want to wear your hair down at night?

Wet that part of the hair with water to reset your cuticle shape back to its normal state. If you don’t have the time to wet and dry the hair, try spraying hairspray closer to the crease (closer than you normally would), then brush it out with a boar brush. You will still get the concentrated wetness from the spray, without having to use a blow dryer to dry it. 

If you have fine hair that gets greasy quickly, how can you make a style last through the night?

Dry shampoo! I really like Satin Sugar by Cake Beauty—it’s in a powder form, which can be distributed evenly with your hands to make sure you’re targeting only the oily sections that concern you. Side note, it's also great for the body as well and your hair and body will smell delicious. But if you can’t find dry shampoo, you can spray some hairspray in your hands and rub around the scalp. Since one of the main ingredients is alcohol, it absorbs moisture. 

How can we achieve Eva Longoria’s ‘do (that works for day or night) if we have bangs?

Using a blow dryer—I like the Inspiration Pro from Rowenta—blow dry the front of hair, or your bangs to create volume. Once you’ve gotten a good amount of lift, comb them back and use hairspray to secure them. The shorter the pieces, the more spray and hold you might need to keep them from flying in any direction. 

Which other styles go from day-to-night that work for all hair types: curly, straight, wavy, etc.?

A simple braid. You can easily break up the braid by pulling some pieces out and spreading it for texture. Also, the “Tinker Bell” or sock bun. It’s great for all hair types—curly, fine, etc.—and looks so chic for a night out. I’m also a big fan of sweeping your hair into a loose side-pony and using a curling iron to create a few waves.

Is there an appropriate way to wear our hair during the day to give it loose waves at night à la Jessica Alba?

Applying some leave-in conditioner or curl enhancer can give you great waves with minimal effort. The product will set your hair during the work hours before heading out for a fun night. Try swirling a few sections of hair into a back bun, but make sure not to do it too tight—you need it to breath so you can dry all evenly. 

What can we do to jazz up a classic ponytail for a night on the town?

Make two! Start by pulling half the hair back into a sleek half ponytail, then pull upwards and sideways to create some lift and volume; spritz with hair spray. About one-inch underneath, gather the rest of your hair into a ponytail. The top pony will hide the bottom and then you’re left with what looks like an elongated ponytail.

What should we pack in our bags to easily transform our look?

Bobby pins, dry shampoo, a boar brush and time! Make sure you take a little time for yourself. You can have all the tools, but if you don't take the time, you can't create something great.

Are there any accessories we can use without looking too young?

Hats! They’re fashionable and they protect your hair from rain and UV rays.