10 Secrets That Will Save You From Frizzy Hair This Summer

Summer is finally in full swing, which is great for achieving that bronze glow we all love, but not always great for our hair. When the weather changes from cold and dry to hot and humid, it can reek havoc on your locks—especially if you’re a curly girl, since ringlets tend to be more porous. We spoke to 3 of the best stylists in the industry to get their advice on how to beat the frizzes, because sleek strands should always be achievable in our beauty book.

1. Prepare Your Hair for the Year, Not the Seasons

#1: Prepare Your Hair for the Year, Not the Seasons
Oscar Blandi can’t stress the importance of moisturizing your hair in the winter, spring, summer and fall, because that helps you keep maintain the texture you want. “If you feel like winter is almost over and you didn’t give too much attention to your curls, give them a nice deep conditioning. Let it sit on the hair for at least 5-10 minutes, but deep means that it can be a hot oil conditioning or anything that will really fulfill the cuticles. The seconds thing you should do is get a good trim every 6-8 weeks,” says Blandi. “Hair needs to be eased into every season for everything you do—when it’s time for color, when it’s time for a cut, even when it’s time for highlights.”

2. Work With the Elements

#2: Work With the Elements, Not Against Them
Celebrity stylist Rodney Cutler advises not fighting Mother Nature when it comes to your hair. “In the winter, you’re not fighting humidity, but in the spring, it’s time to actually go with it. If you’ve got a chic bob, then maybe it’s time to add a bit of texture. Add oils to the hair and products that have a sort of humectant finish to them. Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine is perfect for this. Play on that textural sort of finish, because once the humidity hits, it’s going to add moisture to the air and and the hair,” says Cutler.

3. When the Humidity is Really Horrendous…

#3: When the Humidity is Really Horrendous…
Costa Rican stylist Kattia Solano—who owns Butterfly Studio Salon in NYC—also recommends trying certain styles that actually embrace frizz, like a twisted updo, or this romantic updo. “This season's softer and more wearable wet look is another answer to frizz, since it gives your hair shine and hold at the top and around the hairline. The trick is to layer on products to "wet down" the hair with a combination of styling sprays, light gels or flexible pomades, while keeping the ends more natural,” says Solano.

4. Pack Your Bag Wisely

#4: Pack Your Bag Wisely 
Solano also suggests keeping hairspray or finishing spray (like Oribe's Impermeable Spray) in your bag to act as a frizz-shield umbrella while you're on-the-go. “This way, you’re always prepared for those unexpected showers. The trick is to not spray directly on the hair, but to first apply on your fingertips, palm of your hand, brush or comb, then smooth out by pulling down on the hair's problem areas,” she says.

5. Indulge in a Jasmine Treatment

#5: Indulge in a Jasmine Treatment 
“The Oscar Blandi Jasmine Line and Treatment is very light, so it won’t make your hair heavy, but at the same time it provides all the ingredients the hair needs—proteins, vitamins, amino acids, etc. Then, there’s Jasmine Oil. When people see or hear the term ‘oil’ they think: ‘Oh, this is going to weigh my hair down,’ but it’s not true. This is an oil that’s going to seal the cuticles and protect your hair,” says Blandi.

6. Or, a Keratin Treatment

#6: Or, a Keratin Treatment 
Solano’s new favorite solution for eliminating frizz and improving hair texture is the Cezanne Perfect Finish, which is a 100% formaldehyde-free keratin smoothing treatment that infuses and locks key ingredients (e.g., sericin, a silk protein) into the inner hair shaft. Not only does this process replace lost and damaged protein mass, but it makes the hair resistant to frizz and stronger. “Unlike other treatments, the Cezanne system softens curls, without breaking chemical bonds, giving it enough body to be styled curly OR straight, with less time and effort,” says Solano.

7. Play With Different Styles

#7: Play With Different Styles 
Going from winter to spring might be one thing, but the spring to summer transition can be even harder. Rodney says: “If you have longer hair, you’re probably going to wear it up more or be a little bit more casual with it, but you don’t want it to look sloppy—like you just rolled off the beach. So I think it’s really about switching it up, whether it’s doing a little braid, adding bangs, or accentuating with a little bit of color, so when you pull it up, there’s a little bit of detail. It’s being clever with your hair, because not all ponytails are the same, or updos. On the flip side, if you’re going to go short, go really, really short. It’s chic and simple.”

8. Don’t Forget to Heat Protect!

#8: Don’t Forget to Heat Protect!
“If you know that your hair is going to get abused day in and day out via hot tools, you need to protect it. If you blow-dry, definitely use some heat protector. If you use a curling iron, use a heat-protecting spray. Some people get lazy about using it, or they don’t know how to use it, or nobody explained to them how to use it, but it’s essential,” says Blandi.

9. Take it Slow and Skip the Gel

#9: Take it Slow and Skip the Gel
“Curly hair responds to the slow-bake, so the quicker you do it, the worst the result. If you put a sock or diffuser over the end of your dryer, that’s going to remove some of the air that’s breaking down the curl. Also, if you twist the hair around your fingers and create that loopy, sexy curl and let them dry naturally, that’s better than having a crazy expensive hairdryer. It’s really about creating definition and reforming the curl and using products that actually have curl memory. I have clients who still want to use gels, but they have no memory—they don’t bounce and they go nowhere, “says Cutler.

10. Frizz-Free is As Easy as Uno, Dos, Tres

#10: Frizz-Free is As Easy as Uno, Dos, Tres
Solano’s last three tips are actually the easiest to incorporate into your hair care routine:
  1. Don’t rough towel-dry your hair, but press the towel into your ends (soaking up like a sponge) instead. 
  2. When you choose to blow-dry your hair, opt for a natural bristle brush go section-by-section, creating tension to smooth each piece. 
  3. Avoid touching hair often because it creates friction, causing frizz-prone strands.