3 New Braid Ideas to Try if You Have Curly Hair

Let’s face it—braids are not going anywhere. In fact, they’re hotter now more than ever. However, ladies with super spirals, natural coils, and tight ringlets often hesitate when it comes to trying the trend. That’s why we turned to Pierre Michel Salon Stylist Dennis Trotta, to share the current styles he’s loving with the curly girl in mind.

>Which Latina stars do you think do braids really well? 

Selena Gomez. She carries braids really well, like this messy side braid. 

What should you do if your braid starts to get frizzy throughout the day?

We usually see that as a good thing, but if it seems like too much, add a few drops of Hydrohair by Jeorge Napoleon to your palms, rub together, and moisturize those frizzy bits down.

What’s one braid option that works on super curly hair?

For super curly hair, I would suggest a fishtail french braid which goes into a regular fishtail and then rolled and tucked under.

Here’s how to get the look:

Starting from the front with a naturally curly texture, bring the hair loosely straight back without a part. 

In the back you split the hair in two taking small pieces from the very outside of alternating sides to the other, creating a fishtail braid. 

Continue fishtailing the length of the hair then spread the braid apart with your two hands in order to loosen it as to expose the lovely fishtail pattern. 

Then roll up the length and tuck it under with a few discreetly placed bob pins.


Also for curly hair, you could do two French braids going down the back and meeting in a low chigńon. The reason this works is the braids don't have to look perfect—they actually look better if they’re a bit rustic on the finish.  

This look is achieved by creating a part near the center and french braiding loosely from front-to-back taking the hair from where it naturally falls. 

Once one side is braided, clip it down and braid the other side back.

Twist both remaining pieces together. 

Wrap and bobby pin them under. 

Which braids don’t work on curly hair? 

I don't think there are many limitations with braids. When done right, I think all braids work with any texture of hair.

What about accessories? Any that you would to add to the braids?

You can add feather extensions to your braids before braiding them and Bo Derek Beads can add a little sound and swing to box braids or hide rubber bands.

Will you be trying braids this spring? Tell us your favorite styles in the comments below!