Gloria Estefan’s “WEPA” Soars to #1 on Billboard Dance Chart

Gloria Estefan Week may be over, but there is still a lot that the Cuban American legend is celebrating these days. For one, the 54-year-old singer released her highly anticipated album Miss Little Havana last week and her first single “WEPA” is soaring up the charts!

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Last Thursday, the 54-year-old singer’s representatives took to her Facebook page to share some exciting news with her fans: "WEPA is the #1 song on Billboard’s Dance Chart (chart week dated 10/15/11)….YAY…Thank you!!! #WEPA (G's peeps)." Estefan later posted her own message on the page to thank her fans for their support, "Hey everybody, everybody let me thank u, cause u helped me take my WEPA to the #1 spot!! LOL! BILLBOARD DANCE #1 Babies! Love u! I'm HAPPY!"

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We are beyond excited for Estefan and happy to see that the cubana remains plugged to social media to keep in touch with her fans. Estefan told Latina exclusively that outlets such as Facebook and Twitter cement the relationship with her fans. “They can ask questions, I can answer questions, they can see my personality direct,” she told us. “And I wish I could do it more. I really can’t do it as much as I want to because there's not enough hours in the day. But I try to.”

Check out the music video for "WEPA" below: