Gina Rodriguez is Latina Magazine's March 2015 Cover Star!

Gina Rodriguez is Latina Magazine's March 2015 Cover Star!

Read an excerpt from the cover interview below, then pick up the issue on February 10th for the full story.

Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez is that warm, genuine friend you want but haven’t found. When you meet this budding superstar, she greets you with a big hug and a kiss. So when Latina decided to speak with Rodriguez about carving out her place in Hollywood, who better to tap for the job than her fellow warrior, The Real cohost Adrienne Bailon? Looking confident in towering high heels, jeans and an oversize tan shawl, Bailon is meeting Rodriguez for the first time, and their chemistry is instantaneous. Before long, Bailon has Rodriguez confessing it all—from dating a virgin and learning how to say "no" to revealing her rap alter ago. Sipping a couple of pumpkin lattes, the boricua pair gush about how their meeting is a match made in Latina heaven. "This is the best blind date ever," Rodriguez proclaims, high-fiving her new BFF Bailon. 

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Adrienne Bailon: I can’t believe we’ve never met before. Let’s start with your family life. How was it growing up?
Gina Rodriguez: I grew up in Chicago, in the ’hood, where it was predominantly Latino and Polish. The whole area starts with a big ol’ Puerto Rican flag and ends with a big ol’ Puerto Rican flag.

Bailon: Do you guys have a big ol’ Puerto Rican parade out there?
Rodriguez: Oh, yeah, girl! I just got asked to be the grand marshal of the New York one! I’m about to salsa for miles. But Chicago is dope. I have two older sisters: One’s an investment banker and the other is a doctor. We all did good until I came around, and they were like, “Actor? No, you’re trying to be a lawyer.” And I was like, “I’m not trying to do anything with law but I’ll play one on TV.” It took a little while for my parents to get used to me being an actor.

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