Gabriela Perezutti-Isacson's Fashion Week Disaster (Don't Worry, It's On Purpose!)

If your ship was sinking, what would you gather first before jumping overboard? If you’re asking Uruguayan designer Gabriela Perezutti-Isacson she’d have to say: Lots of white lace, pointed flats and a couple bottles of hairspray.

“The inspiration for the collection was sailing, nautical things,” lead hair stylist Amy Farid tells us. “Gabriela sails, her husband is big sailor. So we’ve created this woman who is a fancy lady going to the Caribbean with her friends. They have this immaculate hair that is super structured and makeup done.”

And then...catosphere! The boat is wrecked and they’re lost on some remote island with only their clothes, hair, and shoes to save them. 

It’s all a fanciful tale, which we appreciate when it comes to Perezutti-Isacson’s clothes mostly because these clothes are styles that we could actually wear and not some over-the-top pieces that are simply nice to look at. They are attainable and wearble. We especially liked the use of denim and lace, sheer dresses, and nautical striped sweater. And the Candela shoes completed the look.

Farid created an exceptional transformation of a socialite gone amazon woman with the perfect structured updo, to the teasing, and braiding. So does this mean the hairnet look is back? All signs point to yes.