The 10 Best Wines for Summer Grilling

Wines for Summer Grilling

You’re friend is hosting a BBQ. Great! So, you volunteer to take wine, the easiest possible thing to bring, right? Sure...until you get to the wine section. The staggering amount of bottles instantaneously erases what little knowledge you had about wine and you are left paralyzed and dumbfounded. So many questions! "Red or white? Umm...rose’? What is Syrah, again? What do the dates even mean?!"

Yeah, we’ve all been there. We’ve also committed all the usual wine choosing mistakes: flagged someone over and asked them to pick for us, given up and just picked the second cheapest bottle or even bought the one with the coolest label. Yeah, we know your tricks! But not this summer. This time, you’re going to walk up to those intimidating armies of bottles and know what you’re looking for. This summer, we have the best recommendations of sweet Californian, Chilean and Argentinean wines to pair with your favorite summer grilling recipes. Salud!  

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