6 Summer Salads That Won't Make You Sad

What can we say about salad? You either love it or loathe it. If the latter, you’re likely someone who views salads as “rabbit food.” Though you want to eat right, doing so makes you…well, sad. Fortunately, there is good news in salads. Today’s healthy salad recipes are flavorful and bright and full of the satisfying textures and variety that your mind and body crave.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites here. From crisp and crunchy to savory and sweet, these are six summer salads that won’t make you sad. Really

1. Lovers Mesclun Mix Salad

This delish summer salad combines two of our favorite textures with two of our favorite flavors: crunchy + creamy + sweet + citrus-ey = yum! Leafy kale and shaved carrot  provide the crunch; queso blanco brings the creamy; and red pepper and tangerine add sweet and citrus flavors. The result is a combination that will make your mouth happy.

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2. Quinoa, Salmon and Avocado Salad

Just look at the picture of this easy salad recipe! Need we say more? It’s bright. It’s nutty. It’s warm. It’s tangy. It includes three of everyone’s favorite ingredients - quinoa, salmon and avocado – and it’s guaranteed to fill you up without filling you out. We’ll stop gushing now, and you should make it…now.

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3. Bougainvillea and Champagne Grape Salad

Growing up, my mom told me “Pretty is as pretty does” – and she was right about both people and food. In this case, “pretty tastes as pretty looks” – because this beautiful salad is delicious! Champagne grapes burst with a sweetness that is cut by the sharp, saltiness of the blue cheese and supported by the herby heft of arugula and baby spinach. Topped with beautiful edible bougainvillea, it’s a plated masterpiece that is almost too exquisite to eat. But eat it you should!

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4. Power Punch Salad

This salad had us at hello. Creamy boiled egg thinly sliced atop a pile of sautéed greens and veggies in vinegar and olive oil? Yes, please. This salad is perfect pre- and post-workout, and – bonus points – it packs up easily for a quick and delicious office lunch that won’t break your daily calorie bank. You’re welcome.

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5. Spicy Carrot & Cilantro Salad

Poor carrots. They get such a bad rap. They’re orange – not the prettiest crayon in the box – and bring to mind pureed baby food and soggy side dishes. But that’s not their whole story. In this salad, carrots are put to the purpose they were intended as the crispy, textural centerpiece supported by lime juice, ancho chile powder and cilantro. Admit it…this salad looks GOOD!  

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6. Papaya Salad with Kiwi Lime Dressing

This salad has a lot going on. To start, it brings the best of what’s in season to your plate: bell peppers, cucumber, kiwi and papaya. Next, it has crunch thanks to pepitas and spinach. Finally, it finishes with a tart citrus dressing that is so good you may actually lick your plate. Trust us, you won’t be sad when you eat this salad.

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