Table Talk: Pencas

Amador Blvd, La Calzada de Amador
Amador, Panama City
(507) 211-3671

If you ever find yourself in Panama City, Panama, this restaurant is the perfect place to get the warmth of locals without compromising touristic views and ambiance. Oh, and did I mention local prices?! While I was seated in the open air space under a palm thatch roof overlooking a beautiful view of the ocean, I realized I could probably sit there for hours just taking it all in. My bf’s parents, natives of Panama, happen to love this restaurant and recommended it. I had the Corvina Entera en Salsa Criolla ($7.95) which I really enjoyed, along with some delicious coconut rice. I’m very particular with my coconut rice and this one was just perfect, not too much coco, but just enough to give it that Caribbean kick. My bf had the Ceviche Mixto ($4.75), which was good, but not the best we had on our trip, being that Panama is huge on ceviche and holds the dish to high standards.

Although the servers were attentive, there was a bit of trouble getting explanations of the menu options. But you’ll soon forget about that when the warm breeze starts to caress your face as you sip a frosty native beer and listen to the live band playing a few feet away. It’s not the norm for people to get up and dance, but it’s most definitely permitted. Who knows, a few of those beers or Seco & Milk (the native drink of Panama) and you might feel brave enough to show off your moves.