Table Talk: Loca

Loca Restaurant

Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa, Jumeirah, Dubai

Jumeirah, Dubai

04 - 3461111 / 04 - 3458808

I know this location seems far away, but its unique appeal and authentic cuisine make it well worth mentioning.

Loca serves up authentic Mexican food made by an actual Mexican chef, which is pretty hard to come by in Dubai.  Besides having a lengthy imported beer list and cocktail menu, the restaurant has also collaborated with Heineken to offer customers a cool way of serving the Pilsner beer—group tables with their own Heineken beer spouts. Pay for your keg in advance and then fill your mug pint after pint as often as you want. 

Although the table beer spouts are a highlight of this eatery, the food has its own shine. The guacamole is made tableside, right in front of you, so it’s fresh and yummy. The Jalapenos Locos (rolled with crushed tortillas and filled with Oaxaca cheese) is a unique bite-size appetizer perfect for popping in your mouth. For something a bit more filling, try the Enchiladas de Mariscos (crab meat, rock shrimp, hammour, pico de gallo, Oaxaca cheese). They’re made exactly how enchiladas are supposed to be made and were accented with a tasty, creamy sauce that had a light consistency due to the addition of seafood. Luckily, the portions at Loca are large, so you can share and try several dishes.   

Designed with an industrial theme, Loca is perfect for watch the upcoming World Cup Futbol games on one of its flat screen TVs (or just flirt with the boys watching the games).  Or, if you’re looking for a night out, start at this restaurant bar that usually has a themed party or drink specials, then head out to one of the clubs right in the neighborhood.