Table Talk: Latitude Zero

Latitude Zero
82 South 4th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 384-8282

Latitude Zero just celebrated its one year anniversary, so I thought it was perfect timing to check out this South American hot spot out. I brought my two gringa girlfriends in the hopes of sharing something new and exciting with them and to my surprise, I was introduced to a slew of new dishes as well by Chef/ Owner Eduard Polit (formerly from Frederick’s).

While the exterior is unimpressive, once we entered the cozy space and took a look at the eclectic menu we were excited to venture into the unknown. A down-to-earth employee namedLuis Jaramillo, introduced himself with hot drinks in hand to help warm us up. The coffee beverage was called canelazo and was made with cinnamon, rum, and citrus. It's a drink usually served in the highlands of Ecuador and it's simply delicious. After a few sips of the warm spiced rum and handfuls of salty corn nuts in place of bread and butter we were ready to eat. We ordered a few dishes to share and enjoyed all of them. First up was a refreshing crab ceviche ($12.50) served with the unexpected twist of apples and lemon mustard. The Locro de Choclo ($5), a hearty potato and corn soup with cheese and avocado was, hands down, our fave dish. In one spoonful you get starchy bits of potato, sweet morsels of corn, gooey cheese, and a piece of avocado that helps to balance out the soup. Ecuadorians are big plantain lovers and have tons of plantain dishes like the popular Bollon de pescado ($8.50). This green plantain dumpling is stuffed with tender white fish that can be slightly dry, but if you dip it in the peanut-ahi sauce that comes on the side it’s to die for! And of course, we indulged in a few passion fruit caipirihnas to wash it all down.

After being totally excited about putting all our loyal readers on to this gem of a resto, it unfortunately had to close down. On the bright side, Luis is starting his own boutique catering company, Mamacuchara, serving yummy Neo-Andean and Ecuadorian cuisine, and you can find Eduard Polit adding his own flavors to Mr. Dennehy's. Let’s keep our fingers crossed another unique restaurant like Latitude Zero opens soon.