Table Talk: A Fish Called Avalon

A Fish Called Avalon

700 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139-6220
(305) 532-1727

I love Miami. The sexy people, the pool parties, and the warm weather keep me going back.  One thing I don’t go for are the restaurants on Ocean Drive, where the employees are practically shoving food in your face to lure you in. However, while visiting the city I was meeting a friend in the area and decided to give this place, A Fish Called Avalon, a try.

Right from the start it seemed a bit different from the other restaurants. They didn’t have someone trying to convince customers to try their food, the décor was classy and, best of all, the outdoor seating is on a patio overlooking the sidewalk street and not actually on the street.

As my friends and I sat , we enjoyed the daily live Latin-Caribbean music and got lucky with a super-cute and charming waiter. We decided to order a few dishes to share since the portions were fairly large.  The Bang Bang Shrimp($14, mojo, fruit salsa, avocado cream) is a good appetizer if you like spicy dishes; yet it’s coupled with an avocado cream that’s the perfect ingredient to balance out all the spices. As a light-but-savory dish, we chose the Buffalo Mozzarella Flatbread Salad ($15, flatbread, garlic aioli, arugula, pepperonatta). The mozz cheese was so fresh it was slightly stringy and tender. It tasted delish when paired with the garlic aioli and some arugula on the warm flatbread. It's the ideal lunch dish for a hot summer day—with a glass of rose in hand, of course. Since the restaurant specializes in seafood, we knew we had to order a fish dish, so we went with the Pan Roasted Florida Grouper ($33, sweet corn-asparagus-tomato-lima succotash, king crab remoulade).  The fish itself was cooked and seasoned lovely and the side succotash gave the fish a nice citrusy touch.

Yes, the prices are high, but the dishes are large, so my suggestion is to go with a couple of friends and share a few plates.  You’ll enjoy the food, the ambience, and, if your lucky, a charming waiter. Afterall,  if they’ve been in business for 20 years how bad can it be?