Table Talk: El Baron

El Baron Restaurant
8641 W Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 841-6298

There are tons of Cuban, Mexican, Brazilian, restaurants that can fulfill cravings when we miss mami’s cooking, but have you ever thought of the Latin countries that don’t represent as hard on the restaurant scene? El Salvador is one of those places, and it was refreshing to sample a little taste of home from this wonderful country.

El Baron has been open for about 10 years and has become so popular that they’ve opened 2 more restaurants in the L.A. area. Check out this around-the-way spot for their famous pupusas ($1-$2), which look like a combination of an arepa and a quesadilla. The pupusas are served along with a coleslaw-like condiment that adds just the right amount of contrast. All seafood-lovers must try the tasty Siete Mares soup ($15), which seems to include every fish in the ocean. If you’re looking for some quiet time it’s a good idea to make it an early dinner because at about 9PM the restaurant turns into a raucous nightclub. Stay and you may find yourself dancing to a live Latin band, taking Salsa lessons, or being mesmerized by the belly dancer who performs every 3rd Tuesday of the month!