Table Talk: Dasheene

Ladera Resort
PO. Box 225, Soufriere,
St. Lucia West Indies

I went to the beautiful island of St. Lucia a few months back and there’s one restaurant that continues to pop into my head—Dasheene (named after the local root veggie), located in the fab Ladera Resort. The way chef Orlando Satchell combines ingredients and then presents them on a dish will seriously have you craving his food for months. The Jamaica-born and London-trained chef strongly believes “great dishes are all about local fresh produce and good seasoning.” And by seasoning, he doesn’t simply mean salt and pepper. He must have the right idea because I’m definitely a fan of his St. Lucian cuisine with its flair of international gastronomy.

I was greeted by the host with a soothing homemade rum punch with pineapple skin, ginger, and lemon grass. I allowed Chef Orlando to make me whatever he was feeling that day, and boy was that the right choice! I started with a shrimp and watermelon salad with basil dressing that was delightful. I loved the saltiness of the shrimp with the coolness of the watermelon and dressing. I wouldn't have imagined it as a great combo, but I found myself making sure I had a piece of each ingredient with every bite. My entrée was a grilled Mahi Mahi fish dusted with Cocoa, served on pumpkin rice topped with an unforgettable fruit salsa. At that moment I understood the concept of fresh ingredients because my fish was so tender, and the taste of it still came through despite all the other elements. 

My friend had a local plantain crusted pork served on sweet potato and veggie cake, topped with coco jerk sauce. She couldn’t stop raving about her meal.  We finished with a scrumptious trio of island fruits, including passion fruit mousse, papaya parfait, and cocoa brulee. All I need to say is that both my friend and I ate every last bite. I can’t promise these dishes will be on the menu when you go to St. Lucia since they switch it up every 6 months, but I’m confident that at any given time you will experience an outstanding view with amazing food and a charming chef.