Eva Longoria Parker to Expand Beso Restaurant Chain

Eva Longoria Parker is expanding her entrepreneurial endeavors! Her culinary empire will soon extend to Las Vegas with the opening of a new Beso restaurant on the strip. Eva told people.com, "I'm so excited about opening Beso Vegas," adding, "Vegas has the most energy in the world. It's a foodie city, which is great for us because of our menu. Everything we offer is pretty unique. Nobody in Vegas has anything similar."

Beso Vegas will open on New Year’s Eve 2010. The venue is still under construction but the design and menu have been finalized. The look of Beso Vegas is expected to be similar to the Hollywood restaurant, but there will be some changes. "There will be different specials and drinks—Vegas style" says Parker, "Also upstairs we'll have a lounge called Eve."

Being the hands-on business woman she is, Eva will be traveling to Sin City once a month to make sure her restaurant is running properly. "I'm a big fan of the art of cuisine. I love to cook and I love to entertain, so I feel like this is just an extension of me," says Longoria Parker, who also admits that the restaurant is "like my second home. [My husband] Tony would eat there morning, noon and night if it was open! His favorite dishes are the tortilla soup, the chili rub skirt steak and the Vera Cruz corn."

In addition to Beso Vegas, Eva's also opening "Besitos, which are little besos," in airports across the country. "We just signed the contract for the first airport and it's in L.A., so we're really excited!"