The Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Buenos Aires

The Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Buenos Aires
Greg de Villiers

Not too long ago, being a vegetarian in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was seen as an embarrassing affliction. Invitations to the key ritual of Argentine social life — the weekend asado — dried up as both you and your hosts tired of that awkward moment when they remembered that you don’t eat meat. Weekday lunches and dinner time restaurant forays also got old. Let’s not even talk about being vegan.

Things have changed in recent years though; green is the new pink, organic is booming, and even vegans are coming back out of the mountains of Cordoba and El Bolson. There are weekly organic fairs: El Galpon in Chacarita and Sabe la Tierra at the train station of San Fernando. And the monthly Buenos Aires Market roves the city’s major parks, dedicated to health and vegetarian foods.

A range of excellent vegetarian and vegan restaurants have surfaced, many with small grocery stores attached. Here are some of the best: 

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