The 13 Best Latin Food Trucks!

Empanada Guy

Port Reading, N.J.

Known as the Empanada Guy, Carlos Serrano specializes in making, yes…empanadas. His “Red Truck” has a permanent spot in Port Reading, N.J., and travels to other locations for events such as carnivals, fests, and street fairs. 

The Empanada Guy’s top sellers are beef, chicken, cheese, Mexican chorizo, and lobster empanadas. He also sells Cuban sandwiches served with white rice, black beans, and yuca. 

“My customers are always raving about how savory and filling my empanadas are,” says Serrano. “And I believe my empanadas are unique because I use high quality meat and poultry along with fresh herbs and spices with a mild spicy kick to them.”

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