14 Delicious Cocktails To Pour Up This Thanksgiving

The turkey is roasting, the sides are a plenty, but what will you be sippin' on this Thanksgiving?

Ahead, check out the best Turkey Day cocktails you've ever laid your eyes (and stomachs) on!

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1. 1

Solerno Celebration Punch

Serves 20-25 people


1 bottle Solerno

1 bottle Lillet Rouge

1 bottle dry, sparkling white wine

16 parts freshly brewed, strong, chai spiced black tea (no cream or sugar added)

8 parts Fever Tree Ginger Beer

8 parts fresh squeezed lemon juice

16 dashes Angostura Bitters


1. Over a large block of ice in a punch bowl, pour all the ingredients and stir to combine.

2. Garnish with thinly sliced orange wheels.

3. Serve in punch cups with a cinnamon stick and a small wedge of orange.

2. 2

Champagne Taittinger Cocktails


Champagne Taittinger Brut La Française NV

Raspberries or strawberries


1. Place 1-3 raspberries or half-sliced strawberries in the glass prior to pouring. 

2. Open your favorite bottle of Champagne (we chose Champagne Taittinger Brut La Française NV) and enjoy! 

3. 3

Tommy Bahama's Coconut Eggnog


5 egg yolks

¾ cup sugar

1 cup heavy cream

2 cups coconut milk

Pinch of salt

1 tsp vanilla

½  tsp nutmeg


1. Whisk egg yolks with sugar until creamy and the sugar begins to dissolve. 

2. Add cream and coconut milk.

3. Stir in vanilla, salt and nutmeg. Chill well.

4. 4

Café ala Mexicana


1 ½ parts Milagro Añejo

.75 parts Ancho Reyes Chili Liqueur

4 parts Fresh brewed coffee

1 teasponn brown sugar

Heavy Cream

1 pinch of two coffee beans for garnish


1. Build in a clear mug or other drink vessel suitable for hot beverages. 

2. Top with whipped cream and chili flakes. 

5. 5

POMtini Royale

1 oz. freshly squeezed pomegranate juice* or POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice

3/4 oz. vodka 

1/2 oz. liqueur 

1/2 oz. fresh lemon juice 

3/4 oz. triple syrup** 



1. Assemble the first five ingredients in a mixing glass and shake well with ice.

2. Strain into a flute and top with champagne. 

3. Serve and enjoy!

6. 6

Fancy Oaxacan, served at Toca Madera West Hollywood


2 oz infused Mezcal

1 oz apple juice

.75 oz simple syrup

.75 oz lemon juice


1. Build in tin.

2. Shake and strain.

3. Garnish with 2 pieces of apple, with grated cinnamon and an anise star.

7. 7

Hot Tully


1 oz. Tullamore Dew

1/2 oz. simple syrup

1/2 oz. fresh lemon juice

3 oz. hot water


1. First warm a mug with hot water, then discard and combine ingredients above. 

2. Stir before serving

8. 8

Mulberry Fizz


2 oz. Boodles Mulberry Gin

1 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice

2 Mint Leaves

Soda Water


1. Combine Mulberry Gin, Lemon Juice and Mint in a shaker with ice.

2. Shake and strain into a Collins glass over fresh ice and top with soda water.

9. 9

Midori® Cider


1 part Midori® Melon Liqueur

2 parts Apple Cider

1 Wedge of Lemon

1 Apple for garnish (optional)


1. Fill the glass with ice and pour in Midori®.

2. Squeeze 1 wedge of lemon and drop in the glass.

3. Add apple cider, stir gently, and garnish with an apple slice (optional).

10. 10

Pumpkin Pie Punch


1.5 oz. 1800 Anejo Tequila

0.5 oz. Grand Marnier

2 tablespoons Pumpkin puree

1 oz. Maple syrup

Garnish with orange peel 


1. Combine pumpkin puree, tequila, syrup and Grand Marnier in a cocktail shaker filled with ice.

2. Shake well and strain through a fine mesh strainer in a rocks glass filled with ice. 3. Garnish with orange peel.

11. 11

Smoked Pumpkin, Served at The Rickey at Dream Midtown in NYC


1 oz.  Ketel One Orange

1 oz. Mezcal

.25 oz. Lime Juice

2 Spoons Pumpkin

2 Dashes Orange Bitters


1. Combine ingredients.

2. Garnish with an orange twist and smoked salt

12. 12

Spiked Cranberry Brew


1 ½ oz. DeLeón® Platinum Tequila

6 oz. hot cranberry batch (1 part fresh unsweetened cranberry juice, ¾ part fresh lemon juice,

¾ part simple syrup, cinnamon clove and nutmeg to taste)


1. Simmer together ingredients for hot cranberry batch.

2. Combine hot cranberry batch with DeLeón® Platinum Tequila in glass mug.

3. Garnish with a thin pear slice dusted with cinnamon.

13. 13




3/4 raspberry syrup

3/4 part fresh lemon juice


1. Combine ingredients in a shaker and shake with ice.

2. Strain into a glass over ice and garnish with fresh raspberries.

14. 14

Sparkling Cider Sangria

Serves approx. 8 people


3 bottles of SPARKLING ICE Crisp Apple

1 bottle dry white wine

1 cup apple brandy

2 apples, sliced

1 orange, sliced

1 pear, sliced


1. In a large pitcher combine sliced fruit with brandy and wine. Let this sit in the refrigerator for approximately 3 hours.

2. Right before serving, top with SPARKLING ICE Crisp Apple. Stir gently to combine the ingredients.