Say "Cheers" to Low-Calorie Cocktails This July 4th!

Want to enjoy cocktails in the sun this weekend without worrying about piling on the pounds? So do we! Here are two low-calorie drinks from chef Julian Medina’s New York City–based Yerba Buena restaurants that taste delicious but won’t compromise your bikini body.

The Sun-Dia from Yerba Buena Perry

Serves 1 cocktail

“The watermelon is refreshing and extremely low in calorie, and the entire cocktail is around 150 calories. To make it even more low-cal, substitute some watermelon juice for 1 ounce of tequila and you’ll have a much lighter cocktail,” says general manager Chris Gilman of mixologist Artemio Vasquez’s colorful cocktail.

2 ounces Herradura Silver tequila

½ ounce jalapeño infused Cointreau, or fresh finely diced jalapeño

¾ ounce St. Germain Liqueur, elderflower liquer

¾ ounce fresh lime juice

½ ounce simple syrup

1 scoop watermelon, using an ice cream scooper

Tajin chile piquin (for the rim)

Lime wedge, for garnish

1.  Scoop watermelon into a cocktail shaker and muddle the fruit well.  Add the remaining ingredients then shake cocktail well.

2.  Strain the liquid into a chilled tajin-rimmed glass over ice and garnish with a lime wedge.

Bikini Martini from Yerba Buena Avenue A

Serves 1 cocktail

“This refreshing cocktail contains a light, aromatic taste of juniper and only 170 calories to watch your bikini line,” says mixologist Armando Marin.

1 ½ ounces Bulldog gin

1 ounce Dry Vermouth

1 ounce lime juice

¾ ounce lime cordial

½ ounce dash of mezcal

Shake and served chill.