Plan the Perfect Holiday Party!

Here are some delicious drinks and recipes to help you plan a picture perfect holiday soiree for you and your loved ones.

First gather everything you will need and follow these easy tips:

Plan and Prep

Create a realistic party budget and map out a detailed to-do list. Most of your hors d’oeuvres and ingredients for cocktails should be prepped well in advance of party time, so you’re able to relax and give guests your full attention when they arrive.


If the idea of assembling a full bar seems overwhelming and expensive, serve one or two signature cocktails along with red and white wine, beer and at least one festive nonalcoholic option.


Several days ahead of the party, make oversize ice cubes in a silicone tray and store them in a sealed container. Their slower melt rate keeps drinks colder for longer—plus, they look really cool in a glass. To free up valuable fridge space, make an ice bath for chilling bottles by filling a bucket or tub with bagged ice and water.


Think variety when planning hors d’oeuvres. Include vegetarian selections, and avoid offering anything that’s too messy or awkward to eat while balancing a full martini glass.


Feeling nervous about being judged by your music-geek friends? Take the pressure off by asking a few guests to take turns playing DJ with their iPods. Chances are that at least one of them is just dying to show off their playlists. 

Then follow these easy recpies for a meal everyone will LOVE!


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