Celebrate Peruvian Independence Day With These 10 Traditional Beach Snacks

Celebrate Peruvian Independence Day with These 10 Traditional Beach Snacks
Coen Wubbels

Peru, the hotspot is the town of Huanchaco, a popular weekend getaway for locals from the nearby city of Trujillo as well as a prime surfing destination for international travelers. 

The region is well-known for ancient temples and burial sites as well as the UNESCO site of Chan Chan, South America's largest city in the pre-Inca era. During low season, the fishing town is quiet on weekdays, slowly swells on Friday night, gets pleasantly busy on Saturday, and is packed on Sunday with people strolling the beach, taking surfing lessons, taking in the views from the pier and, of course, eating and snacking. Here's what they're grabbing on the way to the surf. 

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