Our Celebs Share Their Fave Latin Dishes

Everyone has a favorite food. Maybe its something only abuelita can make, or maybe it’s a traditional dish from your home country, but inevitably, just the thought of that treasured dish gets you drooling. 

Well, celebs are just the same! Check out our list of some of our favorite Latino celebrities and the foods that make their mouths water:

1. Fave Foods: Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz

Favorite Latin Dish(es): Medianoche, rice, black beans, avocado, ropa vieja

“All that—soooo good!” Diaz gushed to George Lopez after listing her favorite Cuban dishes on his talk show Lopez Tonight.  The Cuban-American actress’ eyes lit up when Lopez pulled out a Medianoche Cuban sandwich for her and she immediately began chowing down. She might be skinny, but she sure can pack it in! "Yum, my favorite!" Diaz gushed between bites.

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2. Fave Foods: Don Omar

Don Omar

Favorite Latin Dish(es): Dulce de Coco

In an interview with mun2, the reggaeton star said that his absolute favorite food from his native Puerto Rico is the coconut sweets made and sold on the beaches of La Isla del Encanto.  “Riquisimo, riquismo, riquisimo!” he said and he is so right! Dulce de coco is a delicious example of the traditional Boricua candies he’s talking about.

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3. Fave Foods: Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria

Favorite Latin Dish(es): Enchiladas, tacos, tortilla soup

“I love them all,” the Desperate Housewives said of these traditional Mexican comfort foods.  “I’m Mexican so I cook all the time.  I eat a lot, but I love vegetables.”  The actress added that she eats vegetables with every meal, no wonder her figure is always so gorgeous!

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4. Fave Foods: Pitbull


Favorite Latin Dish(es): Fried chicken, rice and frijoles, plantains, and avocado

“I’m hungry now!” said the Cuban American rapper after listing some of his favorite Cuban dishes backstage before his July 1st performance on the Today Show.  The 30-year-old Miami-born recording artist added that he loves a special dish made in his family’s town in Cuba: pressure-cooked chicken with teriyaki sauce and butter.

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5. Fave Foods: George Lopez

George Lopez

Favorite Latin Dish(es): Carne asada, chorizo and eggs, tortillas, and menudo

During his annual celebrity golf tournament last year, the Mexican-American comedian talked about some of his favorite Mexican foods.  But Lopez couldn’t pick just one.  “When I want to indulge in good food, I go to the carne asada, chorizo and eggs and tortillas and some menudo,” he said.  “I go back to the roots.”

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