Celebrate National Mojito Day With The 9 Greatest Recipes of All Time!

It's National Mojito Day!

In the summer, the only thing we want to do is sit by the pool and sip on delicious mojitos. The classic Cuban cocktail has rightly become one of summer’s best Latin cocktails--and we can’t wait for more. 

If you’re as much a fan of the rum-and-mint cocktail as we are, then you’ll love this collection of the greatest mojito recipes we could find. From the traditional mojito to the fruity pineapple mojito to a vodka mojito (what?!) or even a skinny mojito (yes, really!), we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for. Of course, you’ll want to start with a 101 on how to make the perfect mojito. Once you’ve got that down, enjoy the rest!

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