12 Easy Recipes for a Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed

Every mami dreams of the perfect Mother’s Day: sleeping in and waking up to a late breakfast-in-bed served by her little ones. Well, this mother’s day, we’re here to help make it all come true. 

Having a relaxing day this Sunday is easier than ever with our collection of the 12 easiest recipes for a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed. Each of these recipes is absolutely delicious and, best of all, kid-friendly! Help your little ones make this a special day with these recipes, from a Mexican breakfast pizza to a simple prickly pear fruit salad to dulce de leche pancakes and even a chocolate iced coffee you won’t want to miss. 

So lay back, relax and enjoy these Latin mouth-watering delicacies while celebrating this day with your entire family. Even they’ll be enjoying themselves with these dishes!

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