5 Latin Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes You'll Love!

Thanksgiving tables are always overflowing with luscious eats from perfectly roasted turkey,pernil, and potatoes to stuffing, cranberry sauce, and biscuits. Use those holiday leftoversto update, transform, and create new favorites and take those already-delicious extras to the next level.

For your post-Thanksgiving brunch pair leftover roasted potatoes with scrambled eggs for a Habañero Breakfast Hash. A hearty combination of starchy potatoes, sweet red bell pepper, caramelized onion, and sautéd habañero pepper, this mix brings the right amount of heat to the table first thing in the morning forcing holiday-tired eyes wide open. For heartier, meatier fare try a new take on the classic pulled pork sandwich with Jack Arepas with Pernil. Left over roasted pernil is shredded, pan fried, and stuffed into arepas baked with pepper jack cheese.

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