Happy Hanukkah: Celebrate With These Latin-Inspired Dishes

Latin Hanukkah Recipes

Hanukkah — an important celebration to hundreds of thousands of Latin American and Latino Jews — begins this year on December 6.

At this time of this year, attention turns to the kitchen and the table. As home cooks bustle to prepare their favorite dishes, there are also chefs experimenting with fusion cuisine, combining Latin flavors with the traditions of the Jewish table. One such chef is Julian Medina, chef-owner of ToloacheCoppelia, and Yerba Buena in New York City. Though born and raised in Mexico City, Medina converted to Judaism more than a decade ago when he married his wife, Annie. Now, Medina works to fuse together both of his cultures and, of course, his restaurants serve Mexican-Chanukah menus.

Just in time to help you set your holiday table, here are two fusion recipes from Medina, who is able to seamlessly combine two cultures and many flavors into one delicious dish.

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