16 Sinfully Sweet Dulce de Leche Recipes

Are there three sweeter words than dulce de leche? Just the mention spikes a sugar rush and a frantic search for a spoon. This thick, caramel-like sauce, swirled or spread onto everything from cafe to toast, is consumed throughout all of Latin America and has many different names, manjar blancocajetaarequipe.

No matter what you call it, dulce de leche means a sweet bite, an indulgent moment, a taste of childhood. The wonderfully versatile goodie can be consumed at breakfast, baked into pastries or ladled onto yogurts, mixed with afternoon snacks like nuts or smoothies, and, of course, featured in desserts, whether it's sandwiched between shortbread cookies, at the center of a chocolate cake, or spooned over a warm bread pudding.  

With so many ways to enjoy dulce de leche, it's time to head into the kitchen and start making some. Here, 16 sinfully sweet (and oh-so-sinful) recipes to quell the craving.

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