Dear Dad: My Café Con Leche Will Never Be As Good As Yours

My older brother and I would bring the cafetera with us to Miami for vacation and in my dad's absence, he would tell me, "Make it like dad, go!" Every time, I would give it everything I had in me. I would recall all of the steps and try to mimic my father's movement with the spoon as he combined the coffee with the sugar to create a brown sugar right before he added the espresso to the mix.

When I was done making the coffee, my brother would sip it, then he'd look up and I knew yet again that all I was able to accomplish was a less than average imitation of my father's delicious espresso. 

Still, when I moved out of my parents' house, I was sure that I would master this recipe once and for all! At first, I tried to create the drink with an espresso machine, then I moved on to my father's very old cafetera, which he gave me as a gift after hearing about my "coffee troubles." I'd add more sugar, then less sugar. I'd stir more and stir less. Finally, I just gave up and began buying my coffee on my way to work at Starbucks...

Recently, I started making coffee again. All of these failed attempts have definitely hurt my ego, but I realize now that making the perfect coffee will be a life-long goal for me. And one day, my kids will look up at me and marvel as I create the perfect café con leche and they will wonder if they could ever do the same...

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