Cocktail of the Week: Top Dominican Drinks for Fall


There’s a sudden chill in the air and that only means one thing: it’s time to bring out the rum! Just because there’s a brisk breeze blowing outside, it doesn’t mean we have to stay indoors and do nothing. The fall and winter seasons call for cozy fiestas at the comfort of your own home. To get everyone in the spirit, you could serve the usual hot chocolate, but we’re ready to spike our beverages, Latin style. After all, who doesn’t like a yummy surprise? For this week, we’re preparing three unique drinks, which all have Dominican rum to make them exceptionally sophisticated and elegant. Whether it’s the dark crystallized amber hue or its smooth, captivating finish, Dominican rum, recognized as one of the oldest in the Americas, is always the preferred choice among bartenders and those exploring rum for the first time. Plus, the right Dominican rum can provide a mouthwatering bouquet of raisins and toasted oak notes to any warm elixir. Put the Earl Greys aside and get an early start on the many holidays that are to come with these three delectable Dominican drinks!

Top Dominican Drink for Fall: Dulce Dominicana


Sweet and inviting, a mug apple cider with soaked spices is both a delicious and traditional way to wind down during the fall or winter. Back in October when it was apple season, we happily sipped on Apple-Cran Toddies. For this month, we’re going for a Dulce Dominicana, a zesty, lip-smacking variation of an apple-inspired toddy that heavily relies on vanilla, whole cloves, and juicy orange slices to create a much needed pick-me-up for day or night. Then again, that could be the rum talking, but could you really put aside this sweet treat from the tropics?


1 oz. Rum (We used Brugal Anejo/Extra Viejo) 1/2 oz. Vanilla liqueur 1/4 oz. Allspice liqueur 1 cup Apple cider Pinch of whole cloves Pinch of star anise 3 Orange slices


Heat ingredients, except for alcohol, over the stovetop until simmering.  Add to mug containing alcoholic ingredients, straining out spices and fruit.  Garnish with one of the stewed orange slices and a fresh star anise.

Top Dominican Drink for Fall: Coco Loco

Thick, creamy rich hot chocolate is the ultimate way to embrace cold temperatures because frankly, everything is better when there‘s cocoa involved. Slurping melted whipped cream off steamy chocolate is a reason to give stouts a break. Chocoholics will especially love the Coco Loco, which provides you the creativity to prepare your batch any way you please. You’re never too old for some luxury in your life.


1 oz. Rum (We used Brugal Gold) Hot Chocolate (We prepared ours with imported Dominican chocolate) Whipped cream


In a coffee cup, add rum and top with hot chocolate.  Stir and top with fresh whipped cream and shaved chocolate.

Top Dominican Drink for Fall: Ron Picante

Buttered rum is one of the easiest drinks to master, but not everyone will appreciate a dollop of oil in their cup. Ron Picante, on the other hand, will have you singing a different tune, all thanks to a pinch of brown sugar, nutmeg, and cloves to even out the creaminess with caramelized notes. Soothe your body with a glass of piping hot Ron Picante to quench your thirst and get you in the mood for some major holiday shopping. In the words of Paris Hilton, that’s hot.


1½ oz. Rum (We used Brugal Añejo) 1 Tbsp. Butter 1 tsp. Butter (For topping) 1 tsp. Brown sugar Pinch of nutmeg Pinch of powdered cloves 1 Cinnamon stick Boiling water


Combine rum, 1 tablespoon of butter, brown sugar, nutmeg, and cloves in a coffee mug and add boiling water.  Stir until sugar is dissolved.  Add a cinnamon stick and top with 1 teaspoon of butter.