Cocktail of the Week: Mora Negra

The Mora Negra, found at New York City’s Latin-Japanese SUSHISAMBA restaurants, relies on the blackberry’s essence for an exquisite, mouthwatering number that puts any quickly made Cosmopolitan to shame. The Mora Negra, which could have been named after the famous hand-harvested Argentine wine adored by connoisseurs for its spicy notes, is also silky and full-bodied. Not only will both men and women love its remarkable blend of mango juice and tart lime, but the right rum can make the Mora Negra light and velvety. The Mora Negra is ideal for when you want to add a touch of class to your evening without emptying your wallet or when you’re in the mood for an ice cold tropical drink that’s not sour or sweet. For this week, we’re leaving our cell phones behind and bringing back the blackberry for a night we’ll never forget.

Mora Negra Recipe


4 Blackberries 2 Lime quarters 2 Level bar spoon sugar 1 ½ oz. Rum (We used 10 Cane Rum) 1 oz. Mango juice


Muddle blackberries, limes, and sugar. Add remaining ingredients. Shake with ice, pour in a cocktail glass, and garnish with blackberries.