Cocktail of the Week: Flor de Coco

Discovering a new nightlife getaway for the weekend can be daunting at times, but when they have an irresistible drink menu to transform any evening into carnival, we’re instantly sold. If you’re ever in Los Angeles, you must visit Universal CityWalk’s new Samba Brazilian Steakhouse & Lounge, which is putting a new Latin twist on the latest cocktail craze with a Caipirinha Bar. Serving nearly two dozen tantalizing concoctions, we were skeptical in finding our “it” drink of the night, but fortunately, one sip of a silky, milky number changed our minds. One of Samba’s most popular drinks is a rare flower and a soothing coconut-based thirst quencher that can be savored anytime of the year. Whether you’re having a traditional Rodizio feast of sizzling, skewered meat or need to cool off after hours of shimmying with Brazilian dancers, you’ll need a mouthwatering drink to beat the heat and spike up the energy to break a sweat all night along.

One of Samba’s most highly demanded drinks from the Caipirinha Bar is Flor de Coco, a creamy, luscious elixir that makes us wonder why coconuts are mainly used for Pina Coladas. A new, spirited variation of Brazil’s national cocktail, Flor de Coco isn’t like any Caipirinha you’ve ever had. Flor de Coco is so thick, creamy, and sinfully sweet that you won’t want to share with a potential hook-up. Flor de Coco is carefully blended with freshly pureed coconut, lime juice, bubbly champagne, and cachaca, Brazil’s most common distilled alcoholic beverage from sugarcane. We have no doubt that Flor de Coco will remain a favorite among Samba’s A-list clientele and you! Get cracking on those coconuts for a Rio-themed fiesta to last all weekend long.

Flor de Coco Recipe


1 oz. Coconut puree

½ Lime

1 oz. Cachaca


Coconut shavings

1 Orchid


Add coconut puree, cachaca, and lime in a cocktail shaker and shake. Pour drink in a glass and top with champagne. Garnish with coconut shavings and orchid.