Cocktail of the Week: El Secreto

Everybody loves juicy gossip, so we're sharing one of our favorite secrets from the bar. El Secreto may look like your typical light, fruity cocktail, but it is made with absinthe—an emerald green liquor that’s been worshiped by artists through the years thanks to its hallucinogenic properties. It was deemed so dangerous that the U.S. Department of Agriculture banned absinthe back in 1912. It wasn't legal again in this country until 2007.

The tart jade berry known as kiwi is also featured in El Secreto. Kiwifruit have been recognized by the Chinese for centuries as a potent aphrodisiac. And while some may be opposed to vegetables in their cocktails, the cucumbers actually help to tame all the strong flavors and help this cocktail go down nice and smooth.

Want to feel absinthe minded? Maybe you just want to get it on? Try this frothy, luscious drink and you might end up revealing something special tonight.

El Secreto Recipe


1.5 oz. Absinthe

.5 oz. Simple syrup

Club soda

Cucumber wheels

1 Kiwi

1 Cucumber


Muddle two cucumber wheels and two peeled kiwi wheels with the simple syrup in a double rocks glass. Garnish with an unpeeled kiwi wheel on rim of the glass.