Cocktail of the Week: The Brazilian Sangria

Would you chug a drink named after blood if it meant that you were going to have one of the coolest summers of your life? We're not talking about those overrated Bloody Marys. Instead, we have our eyes on ice cold, sweet red wine overflowing with chunks of ripe tropical fruits. Spain’s sangria, a ruby-red fruit punch that translates to “bleeding” in Spanish, is a refreshing, lip smacking favorite. Not only are sangrias easy to make, but with Brazil's version, you can skip the bitter lemons and cranberries often found in this summer cocktail.

Leading mixologist Ben Scorah of New York City's Beekman Bar and Books is reinventing the always delicious sangria with some help from sultry, sexy Brazil. His latest creation is the Brazilian Sangria, made by muddling a variety of crisp fruits drizzled in red wine and absinthe. Adding the anise-flavored absinthe won't drive you mad as legend claims, but it will enhance the sangria’s sweetness without the use of sugar or honey as in traditional recipes. Succulent slivers of passion fruit, kiwi, nectarine, and cherry are generously tossed in oversized pitchers and served at rooftop bashes, cozy soirees, or pool parties. To beat the lazy, hazy days of summer, make some Brazilian Sangria. It just might make you crazy enough to start your own Carnaval!

Brazilian Sangria

Slices of fresh seasoned fruit (We recommend strawberry, lime, orange, kiwi, and passion fruit)
¼ oz. Absinthe (We used Lucid)
1 ¼ oz. Cachaca
½ oz. Spanish brandy
½ oz. Orange liquor
1 oz. Red wine

In a cocktail shaker, thoroughly muddle the fruit with absinthe, cachaca, brandy, and orange liquor. Pour drink into wine glass. Float red wine on top of cocktail. Stir and enjoy.