Cocktail of the Week: Bolivian Mojito

The crisp, clean, classic cocktail known as the Mojito has been a favorite among social drinkers since its resurgence throughout American bars in the 1980s, but sadly, it has become as common as the Cosmo. Yes, Mojitos are a refreshing concoction of white rum, handpicked mint leaves, sugar cane juice, and lime that with one delicious sip can take patrons to the tropics. However, this fizzy elixir is no longer celebrated as being one of the Caribbean’s best imports. Instead, many mixologists are becoming lazy in carefully preparing the Mojito. Several notable bars and lounges have bartenders hastily adding too little or too much of the Mojito’s ingredients, leaving patrons thirsty and rubbing their bellies from tormenting aches. While preparing a well bodied Mojito requires skill, this cocktail, reportedly over 500 years old, can be reinvented in many unique, satisfying ways. While we’ve discovered both the Strawberry and Sake Mojitos, this time we’re getting inspiration from the land of devil dances.

If you love dining with goblets of absinthe on hand, then you’re going to go mad for the Bolivian Mojito, which is made with a controversial herbal mixture from Holland. While its main ingredient, AGWA De Bolivia, is recognized as “the world’s only coca-leaf based liqueur,” you don’t have to sneak into a nightclub bathroom for a hit. While AGWA doesn’t have cocaine alkaloids to make it illegal, Bolivian coca leaves are shipped under armed guards to Amsterdam where it’s distilled, then blended with energy-inducing guarana and ginseng. Upon conducting a taste test, some described its flavor as merely “sweet and spicy,” but many were pleasantly surprised on how quickly a warming sensation traveled throughout their bodies. When you just can’t master the art of making the Cuban must-have, perhaps you’ll prefer a Bolivian Mojito-that’s if you don’t blow it.

Bolivian Mojito Recipe


1.5 oz. AGWA de Bolivia Coca Leaf Liquor

12 Spearmint leaves

1/2 lime

7 oz. Club soda

2 tsp. Sugar


In a large glass, gently crush mint leaves. Then, squeeze lime juice over crushed leaves. Add sugar and ice. Afterwards, add AGWA and club soda. Stir drink well. Garnish with a lime wedge and tiny pieces of mint leaves.