15 Delish Recipes to Make For Peruvian Independence Day

Peruvian Rice with Shrimp
Peru Delights

It's Peruvian Independence Day, so we think it's time to really highlight some of Peru's amazing signature recipes. Beyond quinoa and potatoes, Peru boasts a bounty of veggies and seafood and a delicious tradition of farm-to-table foods.

Chefs from across the globe have declared Peruvian cuisine the next big thing in the ever-expanding culinary world. With its dizzying biodiversity and varied cultural influences, Peru is a culinary hotbed of hearty and flavorful recipes. From classic, stick-to-your-ribs dishes like Lomo Saltado and Quinoa Stew with Cheese and Chilis to cocktail recipes such as Pisco Sour and desserts like Gluten-Free Yucca Cakes, these dishes will help you celebrate everything Peru has to offer. 

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