Behold the 25 Best Margarita Recipes Ever

Behold the 25 Best Margarita Recipes Ever!
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Contrary to popular belief, margaritas aren't just for Cinco de Mayo and summer barbecues. These days, there are so many variations on the classic tequila cocktail that they can be mixed up morning, noon, and night throughout the year.

From French Margaritas - c'est fancy, n'est pas? - to Rick Bayless' Meyer Lemon Margarita - a perfect New Year's Eve cocktail given its use of winter seasonal lemons and presentation in a flirt-friendly martini glass - the once pedestrian margarita is now the toast of the town. 

Mix up any one (or ten) of these 25 mouthwatering margarita recipes and watch your party go from flat to fiesta in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... Happy New Year! 

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