5 Delicious Treats Made With Your Leftover Halloween Candy

Every year Halloween rolls around and we excitedly load up on six pounds of sweet treats to welcome the parade of costumed trick or treaters that will surely stop by. Only to start November 1 with… 10 pounds of candy. (The original six and four pounds are own trick or treater came home with.) Sure you could snack on that all the way through Easter. Or you can turn all that “extra” candy into a few new desserts. Whip ‘em up, wrap ‘em up, and take them to your next pot luck. Here’s how. 

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1. If you have M&Ms…

Make Trail Mix

To make a salty, sweet trail mix, whip up this tropical mix of salted almonds, Brazil nuts, and pepitas tossed with banana chips, dried pineapple, dried papaya, and dried coconut chips. Then swap in M&Ms for the dark chocolate chips. It adds a whimsical touch and an indulgent hit to a healthy treat! 

Check out the recipe! 

2. If you have Kit Kats…

Erica Dinho

Make S'mores Empanadas

Not all empanadas are savory! Use up those mini Kit Kats in a sweet version of everyone’s favorite snack. Make a fresh, buttery pastry and then instead of chocolate chips, break off a piece of Kit Kat and place it in the middle of your disc. Pile it high with mini marshmallows, then fold over, crimp, and bake until golden. 

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3. If you have Reese’s Cups…


Make Oatmeal, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chop up those peanut butter cups and toss them into this hearty and wholesome oat and flax seed cookie batter. Just leave out the peanut butter and chocolate chips, and throw in chopped Reese’s Cups at the end. Scoop out and bake until crisp. You’ll get a more decadent version than the original. 

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4. If you have Hershey’s Kisses…


Make Spiced Mexican Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate is chocolate friends, no matter the form. Unpeel all those Kisses and melt them down in a spiced fondue: chocolate with butter, vanilla, whole milk, and cinnamon and cayenne to taste. Serve with chopped up fruit, marshmallows, and pretzels. Voila! 

Check out the recipe.


5. If you have assorted chocolate bars, malted milk balls, and more…

Carolyng Gomes

Make Milkshakes

Start with your favorite vanilla ice cream, throw in some milk, then chopped up candy. Blend until your desired consistency, and enjoy! And if you’re looking for an adults-only version, throw in your favorite spirit. Enjoy responsibly!